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Freepik Premium Subscription

499 899 
  •  Access to all the premium resources
  •  Priority support from our team
  •  Daily 33+ download limit.
  •  Our mail will be active
  •  Full Time Warranty

Our service
Freepik’s monthly subscription is around 1500 taka (fifteen euros) and annual subscription is 16,000 taka (148 euros). It is not possible for many people to take subscription with so much money. Our graphic designer brothers and sisters can download useful freepik premium content at low cost, that’s why we have this service.

How can the package be purchased?
You can buy any package according to your needs from our packages or message our support if you want to buy custom package. The packages are designed in such a way that the lowest price we can offer to the users. Buying a package is more cost-effective than buying a single file, reducing the cost per file.

How to get account?
Within 1-2 hours of placing the order on our website, our admins will prepare it and send it to your email. If the admins are offline, it may take some time.


6 Month, 12 Month


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